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GO International Canadian Working Holiday Program

GO International Work & Travel Providers (GO International) – Kanados organizacija, priimanti Kanadoje Working Holiday programos dalyvius nuo 1994 metų. GO International yra sąraše Kanados Vyriausybės - Užsienio reikalų departamento (Department of Foreign Affairs for Canada) aprobuotų organizacijų (Recognized Organization), t. y. organizacijų, kurios turi teisę teikti paslaugas atvykstantiems į Kanadą dalyvauti International Experience Canada iniciatyvos programose (įskaitant populiariausiąją - Working Holiday programą). GO International yra firmos Tamwood International College Ltd. padalinys.  

GO International is your answer to the adventure of a lifetime in Canada. We provide you with everything you need to work, travel, study and live amongst the locals in Canada.
Go International’s world of connections provides a world of unique work experiences for you. We safely connect you with meaningful jobs in fascinating places, to meet and work with new people enjoying similar learning experiences. Go International fully prepares you for departure and supports you while you’re away, including picking up the phone if you call with a problem. Enjoy the travel adventure of a lifetime, and spice up your resume while immersed in a foreign culture. Start enhancing your future by gaining valuable overseas work experience today.
Go International (GI) is a leader in providing services to international young people coming to Canada for a working holiday. GI has offices in Vancouver BC and Whistler BC where we provide participants with help getting set up in Canada, job skills seminars, coaching, advice, social events, free Wifi and computers lab, printing and copying services… With GI, you can expect to get help finding a great job, the best travel advice and a stress-free start to your working adventure.
We help you with the nitty gritty stuff that you need to do when you land in Canada – assistance in opening a bank account, registering for a Social Insurance Number, getting your resume prepared, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, FINDING A JOB! We save you money as we get you working faster and help you get the best deals on accommodations, travel and other services you need. 

What you get
Participants find their job after their arrival in Canada with LOTS of help from GI. You will receive advice and assistance from a Program Adviser in writing your resume, learning to interview and sourcing and obtaining job opportunities. You will also have one year access to GO International’s “Hot Jobs List” which is our in-house online listing of jobs carefully selected by our knowledgeable staff from numerous online job boards and employer websites.  We scan hundreds of job ads weekly and select and list on our site only those jobs that would suit our participants.

Program Includes:
One night dorm style accommodation
at a downtown youth hostel with continental breakfast and one hour free internet included.
Full Orientation session at GO International office in Vancouver, covering resources available at GO International and everything you need to know about working and living in Canada.
Walking Tour of Downtown Vancouver.
Advice and / or assistance in applying for your personal Social Insurance Number in Canada.
Advice and assistance from GO International to help you find a job and to introduce you to employment opportunities.
Access to GO International’s Hot Jobs List.
Free Resume Writing, Job Hunt, and Interview Practice Workshops.
Internet, printing and fax access (at special rates) at GO International office.
Mail holding service, so you have a contact address as soon as you arrive. 
Free call number for general questions or emergencies during office hours.
Free luggage storage at youth hostel.

One year’s membership in the GO International Club, which gives members access to discounts on services, tours and attractions.
Social activities ranging from pub nights to ski trips in Vancouver. 
The GO International Handbook called The Essential Guide to Working and Living in Canada.

Work Locations
GO International works with lot of employers across Canada. Jobs are mostly seasonal positions. Job opportunities depend on the number of factors including your education, work experience, English level, attitude, motivation, and interview skills as well as your program start an end dates. Placements are available in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) Interior, Whistler, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Calgary, Vancouver Island, rural areas and Ontario.

Typical Jobs Available

(* These jobs require specific education, certification or prior relevant work experience)
Ski Resort Operations - Locations BC Interior, Alberta:
Lift Attendant, Ticket Seller, Equipment Sales & Rentals Clerk, Guest Services Attendant*, Food & Beverage Server, Kitchen Prep, Ski Instructor*, Sports Equipment Technician*, Parking Attendant.
Hotels & Inns - Locations: Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Vancouver Island, Ontario:
House Keeping, Maintenance, Kitchen, Food & Beverage Servers, Guest Services*, Front of House*.
Restaurants, Bars, Cafes & Retailers - Locations Vancouver & Toronto:
Servers, Chefs*, Food Prep, Dish Washer, Host/Hostess, Counter Attendants, Baker*, Retail Clerk, Cashier, Inventory & Stock.
Leisure Activities & Tourist Attractions - Locations BC, Alberta, Ontario:
Tour Guide, Ticket Seller, Guest Services*, Maintenance, Cleaner, Parking Attendant.
Summer Camps - Locations: Vancouver, Whistler, BC, Ontario:
Camp Counselor, Sports Instructor*, English Teacher*, Arts Instructor*, Dance Instructor*, Life Guard*
(* These jobs require specific education, certification or prior relevant work experience)

Average Salary
Most jobs pay around CAD $8 to CAD $12 per hour, and many service jobs include tips/gratuity on top of salary.

Best Months to Arrive 
Participants can arrive at any time of the year. Applicants should apply to start their program on one of the scheduled GO International orientation dates, which are offered every month. {Pastabos: orientation Vankuverio ofise vyksta vienąkart per mėnesį, penktadieniais ryte; Centre informuosime pretendentus apie konkrečias instruktažų datas; norintiems dalyvauti instruktaže reikia planuoti atvykti į Vankuverį bent 1 dieną prieš instruktažo datą; jei atvykti į Vankuverį (pvz.: norite atvykti į toliau esančią Kanados vietovę) ir / arba konkrečiai datai Jums nebūtų paranku – išsami aktuali informacija pateikiama „GO International Handbook“, turint klausimų konsultuotis su GO International darbuotojais galėsite „per nuotolį“.} Work is available in Vancouver any time or year. Jobs in the resort areas are available for summer and winter seasons only, so applicants wanting a seasonal resort job should arrive 1 - 3 months before the season starts to secure their resort job (arrive March to May for summer jobs and arrive October to November for winter jobs).

Current Paid Jobs Available:
Kanados firmų-darboviečių sąrašas
: https://gointernational.ca/jobs-listings/ .
Pastaba: Prisijungimą prie Kanados firmų-darboviečių sąrašo su firmų kontaktais aplikavimui dalyviai (sumokėję programos – paslaugų paketo mokestį) gauna po atvykimo į Kanadą.

GO International Canadian Working Holiday Program programos (paslaugų paketo) mokestis – 590 Kanados dolerių (CAD). Gali keistis 2021 metams.

Galima (per Centrą - GO International) įsigyti šias papildomas paslaugas už papildomą mokestį - Optional Services (Extra Cost):
Upgrade to private room at the hostel (subject to availability).
Homestay accommodation.
English lessons at Tamwood International College in Vancouver, Toronto or Whistler. 
Medical Insurance.