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"CIEE Camp Exchange USA" program 

This J-1 program familiarizes young people with American culture through a time-honored tradition - summer camp.
As counselors, participants will have an amazing summer guiding and mentoring children of all ages 9 to 10 weeks of educational and fun outdoor activities and adventures at sleep-away and day camps.
More than 300 camps for placements, all over the U.S. - from Maine to California.
Online training for applicants includes over 100 training videos and online study modules, giving participants the resources and tools they need to succeed as counselors.
A thorough U.S. orientation, including pre-departure and arrival session by CIEE representative, gets counselors off to a great start.
Competitive pay, insurance, and access to top-quality support offer additional appeal to participants.

Be a Camp Counselor:
Be an educator, mentor, and leader to a group of kids for 9 - 10 weeks!

Develop important skills!

Gain critical work experience in the education field

As a Camp Counselor, you will be placed in one of two roles:

  Cabin Counselor - whether you are helping campers write an email home to their parents or checking in to see how bunkmates are getting along, you will be the children’s activity master, supervisor, cheerleader, and source of guidance throughout the program.
  Activity Specialist - you will guide campers through a specific activity each day. Depending on the camp, activities range from ceramics to music lessons to waterskiing to specialties such as dance or skateboarding.
  No matter which role you choose, you will be an ambassador for your country, discover America through one of its most unique traditions, and develop skills like critical thinking and leadership that will serve you throughout life. 

U.S. Counselors typically arrive May 1st - June 20th.
Camp typically ends between August 15th - August 31st.

What's Included:
at a high-quality, accredited summer camp in the U.S. based on the needs of the camp and your unique skills and experience.

Complete J-1 visa process and sponsorship assistance including SEVIS fees, to make your application process as seamless as possible.

An in-person pre-departure orientation in your home country to set the stage for a successful experience in the U.S.

Comprehensive travel insurance throughout your program.

Arrival Meet & Greet in the U.S. to assist you upon entry including transfer from the airport, one-night stay, and onward travel to camp to ease you into American life.

Full training
 at camp with fellow international and American counselors to get you ready for your campers.
24/7 in-country support
 for peace of mind while you’re in the U.S.
Up to 30 days after camp
to travel and explore the U.S. with the friends you made this summer at camp!
You will earn competitive pocket money that you can use to offset the costs of travel after your program is finished.

What is the Camp Counselor Experience?
One of a kind!
Camp is fun!
Summer camps want you!
Impacting the lives of children!
Cultural exchange,
Career benefits,
Building memories,
Self discovery,
Hard Work,
The weather,
Applying is easy and we are here to guide you! 
Competitive salary, free meals and accommodation.