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"CIEE Camp Exchange USA" program - Qualities Camp Counselor 

Camp Counselor – what a Person?
A leader,
A person who is warm and engaging,
A teacher - but not limited to the classroom,
A facilitator of fun, guidance, adventure and encouragement for children,
A skilled leader of activities campers 24/7 for about 8-10 weeks in the summer,
A person who can adapt to the rustic, highly charged, and youth-focused atmosphere of camp.

Who is eligible?
Age 19 – 27;
Fluent in English;
Experience working with children;
Leadership experience;
Experience in at least 2 high-demand skills;
Friendly, energetic, enthusiastic, tolerant, caring…
Available for 9 - 10 weeks – early to mid-June throughout August;
Comfortable in an active, outdoors environment.

Who is the right applicant? Who are we looking for?

What qualities does a great counselor have?
Can put others before themselves
Role models who want to work with children
Up for the challenge
Leadership experience
Eager to learn.

What qualities of a great counselor can we influence?
Getting to know the job