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5 Great Reasons to Teach in the USA


Teach USA program offers fascinating advantages for qualified international teachers:

  1. Having an Exchange Visitor Teacher visa, you will legally work in a U.S. K12 school as a full-time teacher for up to 5 years.
  2. You will be paid on the same salary scale as U.S. teachers. You can make an annual salary (12 months)      between $30.000 and $60.000 before taxes and withholdings. Salary is based on experience and placement location.
  3. Your spouse or children (dependents) can accompany you to the U.S on J-2 visa, which enables them to work or study in the USA.
  4. You will get to intregrate into the U.S. local culture, experience what the USA and people are like and      able to see places in USA you have probably only seen before on television.
  5. You’ll become a global teacher! It is a unique opportunity to learn different methods of teaching while also bringing an important international perspective to U.S. classrooms and students.