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"CIEE Camp Exchange USA" program 
What Camp Directors, CIEE are Looking for?

Must be fluent in English (no less than “Advanced” can be accepted onto the program).

Available for 9 - 10 weeks during the summer, starting mid-May to mid-June.

Desired Personality Attributes:
Education background and Desire to work with Children,
Experience working with children (tutoring, mentoring, coaching, volunteering),
Have leadership experience of some kind (in their school, community, with a project…),
Friendly, energetic, enthusiastic, tolerant and caring,
Would feel comfortable in an active, outdoors environment.

What do Camp directors look for in a prospective counselor?
Applicants expressing experience working with children.
Flexibility in both dates and activities applicant is willing to teach.
Detailed description in the applicant's skills and experience.
Applications with appropriate spelling, grammar, and overall written English. 

Application „Skill/s“ Section – Do’s and Don’ts!

Write detailed accounts of skills.
Describe as many skills as you can teach.
Choose highly desirable skills.
Highlight skills you have certifications in.
Detail your experience in teaching.
Check grammar and spelling.
Use positive phrases like “I can”, “I have taught”, “I am passionate about”.
Market yourself

  Do Not:
Do Not
write stories.
Do Not
choose only a few skills.
Do Not
use phrases like “I like”, “I used to”, “I don’t have experience, but”, “I’ve never taught this”.
Do Not
exaggerate your skills.
Do Not
underestimate your skills! 

Which applicants have the best chance of placement?
Flexible dates: can arrive as early as May 25 and before June 10,
Sporty applicants with experience in watersports or outdoor skills,
Those with versatile skill sets,
Excellent attitude comes across in their application, with detailed, thought-out responses,
Those who submit a supplemental video explaining why they want to work at camp,
Those with experience in the activities listed on the specialist document.

Which applicants are the most difficult to place?
Those whose earliest arrival date is
after June 15.
Those with visible tattoos on their body.
Applicants who give minimal answers to questions.
Applications sent to CIEE after April 1st.
Applicants who do not respond to camps (applicants must check email / skype / phone at least 3 times per week and daily after March if still unplaced. Camps will re-interview every applicant if they are considering them).
with general skills in Arts & Crafts, Drama, and Dancing, as well as popular sports like basketball, soccer, US football and rugby.
Photos that are hard to see and blurry, or the applicant is
not smiling and enthusiastic.