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"CIEE Camp Exchange USA" program -  Camp (Counselor) Job Description

Working Conditions:

Living with children in a bunk
On your feet and outside most of the day
Teaching children your skills
High-energy, fast-paced and child-focused environment
Responsible for children at all times
Working 6 days/week and 24-hour on-call.

Living Conditions:
Rural setting
Little to no privacy
Weather can include sunshine and rain
There will be biting insects, like mosquitos
Accommodations vary, but always shared space. 

Limited to no internet and cell service
No cell phones at camp
Device-use is limited to off-time (buy a watch)
Camp is a great place to un-plug.

Dietary options are limited (ie, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan)
There’s nothing like a home-cooked camp meal after a 12-hour day.

Time off:
Many camps have a full-camp rest hour.

What to expect?
Culture shock (camp culture and American culture)
Training prior to camper arrival
Limited contact with world outside of camp except during off-hours
Schedule is important – stick to it and do not be late.

Tips for Success:
Be proactive - don’t be afraid to ask for help while at camp
If you’re unsure, ASK
If you have a question, ASK
Set yourself up for the best summer: make sure this program is the right fit for you!