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SWAP Working Holidays / SWAP (www.swap.ca/in_eng) – Kanados organizacija, jau nuo 1975 metų priimanti Kanadoje Working Holiday programos dalyvius, tad turinti labai didelę patirtį šioje veiklos srityje. SWAP yra sąraše Kanados Vyriausybės - Užsienio reikalų departamento (Department of Foreign Affairs for Canada) aprobuotų organizacijų (Recognized Organization), t. y. organizacijų, kurios turi teisę teikti paslaugas atvykstantiems į Kanadą dalyvauti International Experience Canada iniciatyvos programose (įskaitant populiariausiąją - Working Holiday programą).

The SWAP Resort Placement Program is the full SWAP Work in Canada package with the added offer of work placement, allowing participants the unique opportunity to secure a job at top resorts — before leaving home! This program is ideal for clients who want to come to Canada with their initial job and accommodation lined up, taking all the stress out of finding work. We match participants at our partner resorts located in western Canada’s most popular (and beautiful!) tourist destinations, giving them the opportunity to start their working holiday in uniquely Canadian settings. Participants can prepare for their time abroad with confidence knowing they have their first job in Canada arranged at resorts that SWAP has personally vetted and has strong working relationships with.

Participants arrive in Canada, head to SWAP’s hosting centre to get organized, and then go off to their job. While the resort placement is a seasonal contract, SWAP membership — and all the handy services that come with it — continues for the entire length of participants’ work permits. This means that we can help participants secure other jobs after their placement, too!

What is Included
Possibility of either winter or summer placement at top resorts.
All of the services of the SWAP Work in Canada Program (http://lwc-wt.lt/sws/).
2 nights of accommodation upon arrival (hostel).
Pre-departure screening interview with SWAP staff to assess eligibility.
Resort information, interview prep and advice provided by SWAP to help clients shine.
Up to 3 pre-departure interviews with resort partners.
Orientation (option to choose group or individual) upon arrival.
Ongoing support throughout placement. 

Types of Roles
The SWAP Resort Placement Program is designed for participants with a background or interest in hospitality and tourism. Roles are at resorts throughout western Canada, primarily located in the stunning Canadian Rockies. All roles are entry-level:
Guest services (including front desk)
Food and beverage (servers, bartenders, hosts)
Back of house, including kitchen roles (cooks, kitchen prep, dishwashers)
Maintenance (landscaping, operations)
Roles specific to ski hills (lift operators, snow makers/groomers, retail roles).

How It Works – Pretendavimo seka:

Step 1: Apply

Candidate completes and submits to Lithuanian World Center (http://lwc-wt.lt/contact/) full SWAP application set {SWAP application form; updated Canadian-style resume; 3 personal photos; 2 written references (in English); program fee}. Pateikti paraiškos formą ir priedus, pasirašyti Pretendento sutartį, sumokėti Centrui galima „per nuotolį“.
Lithuanian World Center submits Candidate‘s complete application set to SWAP.
Upon receipt of application set, SWAP will arrange a pre-screening interview to determine eligibility and acceptance on the program (assessing previous work experience and English language skills; determining candidate’s interests). 

Step 2: Interview for placement / role
SWAP staff will arrange a maximum of three Skype/phone interviews for the participant.
SWAP will provide useful information on the resort and interview tips to the participant prior to the interview, and follow up with participant after interviews. 

Step 3: Arrive in Canada & start work!
Once the job has been secured, participants inform
Lithuanian World Center (Pranas@lwc-wt.lt) and SWAP of their arrival details, so that arrival accommodation (if needed) can be booked, and orientation can be arranged.
Participants arrive to Canada, receive a pre-arranged orientation at the SWAP Vancouver hosting centre (group orientations are held on Thursdays, in October and November – on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and / or a comprehensive e-guide - everything they will need before heading off to their new job! 

Candidate Eligibility
Candidates must meet all the requirements of the IEC Working Holiday program {Pastaba: prieš pretenduojant programai jau reikėtų turėti vietą IEC Working Holiday metų kvotoje ir Kanados Imigracijos Letter of Introduction (kas suteikia teisę forminti / gauti darbo leidimą atvykimo į Kanadą oro uoste)}.
Be between the ages of 18-30.
Have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of English (to be assessed by SWAP).
Be open and flexible, and interested in hospitality roles.
Must commit to a full season (summer or winter).
Be able to produce 2 letters of reference from former employers, co-workers, or teachers.
Front-of-house positions require adherence to strict grooming policies (modest or no facial piercings, neat and tidy hair/facial hair, and visible tattoos covered).
Open to working with others, and comfortable with shared staff accommodation (dorm-style).
Eager to gain valuable work experience in a unique and professional work environment.

Roles & Procedures
All applications for the SWAP Resort Placement Program must be received in accordance with the seasonal deadlines (See below).
Acceptance to the SWAP Resort Placement Program is determined by SWAP’s pre-screening interview.
Interviews are arranged only after a full application set / profile has been received by SWAP.
SWAP will arrange a maximum of 3 interviews for applicants. We guarantee these interviews, but placement is dependent on the interview and the employer. It is up to the candidate if they will accept any positions.
If the candidate does not like the interviews or the available roles, SWAP will not be responsible for arranging additional interviews.
The roles of the SWAP Resort Placement Program are entry-level. Roles are dependent on availability, though every endeavour will be made to secure an interview in a preferred role, and applicants will be informed of availability of roles upon successful screening.
Participants are expected to take a role if it is offered after the first interview. Our aim is to place participants quickly, and we are very clear about the types of roles available.

Deadlines & Cancellation Policy
Summer season
application deadline: March 15 (SWAP deadline. Pastaba: Centre visą paraiškos komplektą ir mokestį turime turėti ne vėliau kaip kovo 5 d.)
Winter season application deadline: August 30 (SWAP deadline. Pastaba: Centre visą paraiškos komplektą ir mokestį turime turėti ne vėliau kaip rugpjūčio 16 d.)
Once a candidate registers on the program, and receives interviews (3 at maximum), there is no refund.
The option to move from the SWAP Resort Placement Program to the SWAP Work in Canada Program () is allowed only before employer interviews are scheduled. 

SWAP Resort Placement Program programos (paslaugų paketo) mokestis – 730 Kanados dolerių (CAD). Gali keistis 2020 metams.