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SWAP Work in Canada Program

SWAP Working Holidays / SWAP (www.swap.ca/in_eng) – Kanados organizacija, jau nuo 1975 metų priimanti Kanadoje Working Holiday programos dalyvius, tad turinti labai didelę patirtį šioje veiklos srityje. SWAP yra sąraše Kanados Vyriausybės - Užsienio reikalų departamento (Department of Foreign Affairs for Canada) aprobuotų organizacijų (Recognized Organization), t. y. organizacijų, kurios turi teisę teikti paslaugas atvykstantiems į Kanadą dalyvauti International Experience Canada iniciatyvos programose (įskaitant populiariausiąją - Working Holiday programą).

The SWAP Work in Canada Program is a SWAP complete, comprehensive package, providing essential services and resources to our clients from the very first moment they arrive in Canada. We pride ourselves on offering customized assistance to a diverse range of participants: the backpacker who wants the best travel tips, the career-driven candidate looking to develop their professional experience, or the independent traveller who just needs a helpful nudge in the right direction. SWAP assists both large group bookings and those flying solo, throughout Canada — our services extend from coast to coast.

Participants can use SWAP as much or as little as needed. We understand that each client has their own specific plans for their time in Canada, and SWAP is here to help them reach these goals, and tailor their working holiday to their individual needs. The SWAP Work in Canada Program is for travellers who want peace of mind knowing that someone is there to help or guide whenever they need it — right from day 1! 

SWAP serves as the local guide in Canada and the “go-to” resource centre for participants. We help them to find work and housing, and provide customized tips and tricks so they can make the most out of their new adventure — we are their advisors, cheerleaders, and friends. Our staff is comprised of enthusiastic Canadians who have lived and travelled throughout Canada and the world, and understand the unique excitements and challenges of living abroad. Participants are not just given professional and practical resources, but a thriving community to network and engage with. From our vibrant hosting centres to our crowd-pleasing events, we truly want our SWAPPers to meet like-minded individuals and to have a fantastic experience in Canada. 

What’s Included
    Get Started   

Comprehensive Pre-departure guide to help prepare for travel to Canada.   
Ability to contact local SWAP staff prior to departure for advice.   
Centrally located drop-in hosting centres in Vancouver and Toronto, complete with computers, WiFi, printers/copiers/scanners, job and housing boards, tea/coffee… even guitars to play!
90-minute arrival orientation that covers all the essentials for getting started in Canada, with added city-specific information. Group orientations are held on Thursdays (in October and November – on Tuesdays and Thursdays) at the SWAP Toronto hosting centre and at the SWAP Vancouver hosting centre.       
Arrival kit that includes local maps, tourist information, and local recommendations.
Arrival accommodation (optional).    
Arrival city e-guides for all major Canadian cities and regions.   
Free city walking tours offered on a biweekly basis (spring through fall).    
Accommodation listings in both centres, and assistance in finding safe and affordable housing.   
Cellphone set-up offered in office.   
Canadian mailing address; mail holding and free Canada-wide forwarding service (and someone to always sign for packages!).    
Luggage storage.
    Find Work    
Guidance for job searching by helpful staff who know the local job market.   
Exclusive Canada-wide job database with continuously updated listings; in-office job boards.   
One-on-one resume review and assistance and work consultations.   
Exclusive SWAP connections and leads for jobs with vetted, trusted employers.   
Speciality job fairs.   
Industry-specific information sessions (getting work at ski resorts, summer camps).
Webcam for job interviews; interview advice and support.   
Immigration seminars and further immigration resources.
    Discover Canada
Opportunity to network, make friends, and find roommates at our hosting centres, open 5    days a week.   
Local resources and referrals (volunteering opportunities, cultural organization listings).
Social events (e.g. pub nights, and Canadiana outings like curling, canoeing, and hockey games; cultural excursions and trips).   
Exclusive travel discounts on selected tours and trips; travel advice for every region of Canada.   
Discounted Hostelling International cards (get further travel and accommodation  discounts) – optional.   
Exclusive SWAPPer facebook groups to connect on.     
SWAP Scoops: bimonthly newsletters jam-packed with jobs, events, travel tips, SWAP news, and featured regions of Canada.
    …And be Supported The Whole Way Through!    
24/7 emergency line.    
Assistance with work permits, visas, and passports.     
Support with any concerns with employers or landlords, and with any other issues that might arise.   
Personal support throughout the duration of the membership — friendly staff to email, call, or drop in on! 

Participant Eligibility:   
Meet the requirements of the IEC Working Holiday Visa Program {Pastaba: prieš pretenduojant programai jau reikėtų turėti vietą IEC Working Holiday metų kvotoje ir Kanados Imigracijos Letter of Introduction (kas suteikia teisę forminti / gauti darbo leidimą atvykimo į Kanadą oro uoste)}.    
Pass all required conditions to enter Canada (adequate health insurance, funds, valid     passport, valid entry visa if applicable).
Have an intermediate (at least) knowledge of English.    
Should be flexible, adaptable, and open to new opportunities.

How It Works – Pretendavimo seka:
Candidate submits to
Lithuanian World Center (Pranas@lwc-wt.lt) her / his application set {(personal details, arrival flight date, program fee, fee for the first night/s accommodation (if booking via SWAP)}. Pastaba: Centre paraiškos komplektą ir mokestį turime turėti ne vėliau kaip 3 savaitės iki atvykimo į Kanadą datos. Pateikti duomenis (nedidelėje lentelėje, pildymui pakanka kelių minučių), pasirašyti Pretendento sutartį, sumokėti Centrui galima „per nuotolį“.
Lithuanian World Center submits Candidate‘s application set to SWAP.
Participants arrive to Canada, receive a pre-arranged orientation at the SWAP Vancouver hosting centre (group orientations are held on Thursdays, in October and November – on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and / or a comprehensive e-guide, can use SWAP services listed above („
What’s Included“). 

SWAP Work in Canada programos (paslaugų paketo) mokestis – 390 Kanados dolerių (CAD). Gali keistis 2021 metams.

Galima iš anksto (per Centrą - SWAP) užsisakyti nakvynės vietą pirmai nakčiai - pirmoms kelioms naktims jaunimo nakvynės namuose (Hostel) Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Banff, Montreal. Kaina asmeniui 1 nakčiai (preliminariai) tarp 45 ir 75 CAD (priklauso ir nuo vietovės, ir nuo metų laiko).